General server rules.
Please read our rules carefully!

1 - All administrators should be treated with respect, both on the server and in the use of our forum when addressing one of our administrators, moderators, etc...

2 - It is forbidden if it passes through GM or any other person in our server or forum, any attempt of fraud will be answered with the highest punishment in our server.

3 - It is not allowed to refer to other servers in our chat, much less the disclosure of other servers. The punishment for these individuals is most often irreversible.

4 - It is strictly forbidden to buy and sell items for cash. When witnessing a case of buying and selling items for cash, you should report such an event on our forum so that one of our managers evaluates the case and provides for appropriate punishment.

5 - Your account is your responsibility, we do not advise you to loan accounts and passwords to other players. That being the case, we will never support accounts that have been stolen. Even though it is not our responsibility, let alone our duty, we provide tools that increase the security of your account.

6 - The trades of items made on the server are not our responsibility and much less reversible, never ask our support to verify or reverse exchange of items between players.

7 - When encountering some kind of bug, you should immediately report to the forum in a way that can be understood, detailed, so that our administrators can correct the problem as quickly as possible. The use of Bugs will result in a severe punishment, in which it cannot be reversed, the punishment is evaluated according to the case always in the most rigorous way possible.

8 - Using cheats or bots is absolutely prohibited, such act will result in the maximum punishment in our server, the permanent banning of the account and PC.

9 - You will never have privileges for being a donor, all players are also understood before the administration of the server. Never feel in the right bigger than the other players, even being a donor.

10 - Offenses such as racism, family, homophobia, xenophobia, disability, religious, etc. are prohibited. Each case reported will be evaluated by an administrator to proceed with an appropriate punishment, and offenses are understood as serious.

11 - Anti-gambling attitudes such as passing points in the Olympics are strictly prohibited. Among other attitudes that may interfere with the game may be interpreted by our managers as anti-gambling and result in punishment.

12 - You must understand that you are not a server client, we are providing a free server where you are only a user that must respect the rules imposed by the server. The administrators do not fulfill obligations to the players, even though he is a donor.

13 - The payments to obtain coins, must be of free and spontaneous will. You will not have privileges as to other players, the more you feel entitled to deviate from the rules imposed by the server.

14 - Inactive accounts with more than 90 days are deleted, this is irreversible. Our database must be preserved, this is done so that active players can enjoy a server without lag, crashes, etc... So our database will always be working properly.