Dragon's Ascent Update
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It is with great pleasure that L2Amerika announces the "Dragons Ascent" update - a set filled with novelties to further enrich the experience on our server.


New Grand Boss: Lindvior

Get ready! The Grand Boss Lindvior has just arrived in Amerika! This event will take place on Saturdays or Sundays that do not coincide with the Territory War, meaning it will happen on Saturdays or Sundays when there is no Territory War.

In this special event, your teams goal will be to conquer a specific monument to gain access to the "Altar of Sacrifice," where Lindvior awaits. Once a team of players takes control of the monument, they will have the opportunity to face Lindvior, but beware: this opportunity will be available only until Lindviors HP drops to 10%.

After reaching this critical HP point, access to the Altar will be blocked. Only players who can stay alive within this area will have the right to continue the battle. Its worth noting that the Grand Boss zone is a true battle arena where all players can attack each other. So be prepared for a double challenge: facing both Lindvior and other daring players! Dont miss this unique and thrilling opportunity. Gather your clan and come face Lindvior this Saturday!

Lindvior Drops:

Special drop from the first event:

Gold Amerika:

100% chance to drop Gold Amerikas.

Group with 100% chance to drop ONE of the items below:

Earring of Antharas:

chance to drop 1 unit.

Ring of Baium:

chance to drop 1 unit.

Necklace of Valakas:

chance to drop 1 unit.

Group with 80% chance to drop ONE of the items below:

Earring of Antharas:

chance to drop 1 unit.

Ring of Baium:

chance to drop 1 unit.

Necklace of Valakas:

chance to drop 1 unit.

Other items:

Blessed Necklace of Freya:

100% chance to drop 1 unit.

Giants Codex Mastery:

100% chance to drop between 180 to 360 units.

Boss Killer - Certificate:

100% chance to drop 3 units.

Dragon Box - Blood Weapons:

80% chance to drop between 1 to 4 units.

Dragon Claw:

80% chance to drop between 1 to 15 units.

Ancient Enchant S:

75% chance to drop between 1 to 5 units.

Lucky Box of Skins:

35% chance to drop 1 unit.

Scroll of Skin Weapon:

35% chance to drop 1 unit.

Boss Weapons:

25% chance to drop between 1 to 5 units.

Premium 7 Days:

100% chance to drop 4 units.

Premium 1 Day:

100% chance to drop 4 units.

Old School Olympics

In order to enhance competitiveness and establish a fairer hierarchy among classes in the Olympics, balance statistics have been removed. Now, all classes compete with their original statistics. Additionally, the maximum enchantment level allowed in the Olympics is effectively +6. This means that even if you have items with higher enchantment levels, such as +20, they will be adjusted to the equivalent of a +6 item during competitions. Its worth noting that custom items are not allowed in the Olympics.

Kamaloka Instances

We have completely revamped the Kamaloka instances. In particular, we have improved the "Labyrinth of the Innocents," significantly increasing the drop rate. Furthermore, we have introduced an exclusive instance for Premium players: the "Premium Kamaloka Labyrinth of Experience." This version offers even more drops and the possibility of obtaining exclusive skins.

Achievements System

We introduce a new Achievements system, structured in various categories including Clan, Combat, Farming, Events, and Others. Each of these categories offers a series of missions to be completed. By completing these missions, players will be duly rewarded. This system not only enriches the gaming experience but also provides additional incentives for engaging in different activities within the game.

Rewards: Fame, Dragon Box.

VisualME Quest

We have decided to enhance the gaming experience further with the introduction of the "Visual Skins Quest." By completing the rarity categories of skins, whether Red, Purple, or Golden, the player earns the right to learn the special skill "Skin of Defense." This skill increases both magical and physical defense in PvP situations, adding a new strategic dimension to battles.

Notes: This skill does not affect the Olympics.

New Talismans and Dimensional Bracelet (Replacing the Enhanced Mithril Bracelet)

The "Enhanced Mithril Bracelet" has been replaced by the "Dimensional Bracelet" and "Dimensional Talismans." The new "Dimensional Bracelet" provides 6 slots for the use of talismans, allowing you to combine different attributes to create a unique and enhanced set of skills. Each talisman provides an increase in character attributes, specifically +1 in CON, +1 in DEX, +1 in INT, +1 in MEN, +1 in STR, and +1 in WIT. This change not only diversifies enhancement options but also offers a more focused way to optimize your characters skills.

Notes: You can acquire these items using Fame or Olympiad Tokens.

Grand Boss PvP Flag

Responding to a frequent and much-desired request from our players, we have decided to bring more intensity and excitement to PvP battles in the Grand Boss zones. For this, we have implemented a new mechanic: when the boss HP reaches 50%, all players in the boss area will be automatically marked with a "flag." This flag will follow conventional duration and behavior rules, disappearing after a few seconds, just like when a player attacks another. This innovation is designed to introduce an additional layer of strategy and adrenaline to battles against the Grand Bosses.

Clan Hall

After many requests, we have brought back the Buffer and Global Gatekeeper NPCs to Clan Halls, a feature that was previously present on our server. This addition aims to provide more convenience and functionality to clan members. However, it is important to note that during Territory War and Sieges events, the use of the Global Gatekeeper in Clan Halls will be disabled.

Premium Account

New types of premium subscriptions have been introduced: "Royal Premium Ticket - 1 Day" and "Royal Premium Ticket - 7 Days." These tickets offer access to the Premium Account and can be acquired during special events, as well as other opportunities that will be implemented in the future.

Price Reduction: The cost to acquire the Premium Account has been reduced to 15 Gold Amerikas.

PvE Damage Bonus: Premium Account subscribers now receive an additional 10% bonus to PvE (Player versus MOBs) damage. Its important to note that this bonus applies only against common monsters. In battles against Raid Bosses and Grand Bosses, the bonus is not counted.

Level 10 Elements

In High Five, elements are available up to level 10. However, initially in Amerika, we limited this availability to level 7. Thinking of enhancing gameplay dynamics, we have decided to allow the use of Jewels to enhance equipment up to level 10. Now, the maximum attribute is 180 for armor and 450 for weapons.

Clarifications: Will level 10 elements make classes unbalanced or overpowered? No, the calculations of the elements cancel each other out in defense and attack; what changes is the challenge to obtain these elements, an additional dynamic implemented on the server.

Drop Locations: The Jewel elements will be found in the following locations: in Hellbound and in various "oldschool farming" areas — Pagans Temple offers Dark Jewel, Garden of Eva provides Water Jewel, Chromatics offers Wind Jewel, Forge of Gods has Fire Jewel, Stakasto Nest contains Earth Jewel, and Valley of Saints offers Holy Jewel. Additionally, the event zone Garden of Genesis will also be a location for obtaining these elements.

Improved Event Rewards

Event Rewards

Item Quantity Chance
Fame 500 High
Lucky Box of Events 1 High
Dragon Box - Stones 10 High
Dragon Box - Enchants 1 High

Lucky Box of Events

Item Quantity Chance
Giants Codex Mastery 5 High
Medal of Glory 5 Medium
Premium 1 Day 1 Low
Dragon Claw 2 Low
Dragon Box - Blood Weapons 1 Very Low
Lucky Box of Skins 1 Very Low
Premium 7 Days 1 Very Low

Voting System

Our voting rewards system has been updated. Now, with each vote you make, you will continue to earn 1 Vote Coin. By exchanging this coin with the NPC, you will be rewarded with 500 Fame and a "Lucky Box - High-grade". If you are a premium user, in addition to the "Lucky Box - Top-grade" filled with extra prizes. However, its important to note that the extra rewards are limited to a maximum of 2 votes every 12 hours per PC.

Vote - Lucky Box - Top-grade (Premium)

Item Quantity Chance
Codex Mastery 10 High
Medal of Glory 5 Medium
Dragon Claw 1 Low
Lucky Box of Skins 1 Low

Vote - Lucky Box - High-grade

Item Quantity Chance
Codex Mastery 5 High
Enchant of Destruction 4 Medium
Medal of Glory 10 Low
Dragon Box - Blood Weapon 1 Low

New Weapons

We are bringing innovations directly from the latest versions of game, including "Prelude of War." We highlight the introduction of two essential new items: Dragon Claw and Weapon Fragment - Top-grade. They will allow you to access our brand-new weapons.

Composition of the New Weapons:

Our weapons have been categorized into different levels, namely Fragment, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. To collect the Weapon Fragment - Top-grade, you must face the Bosses residing in the Dragon Vortex in Dragon Valley.

As for Dragon Claw, they can be obtained through drops from Grand Bosses. Additionally, they are available for purchase with Fame. There is also an option to acquire them through events and votes, although with lower probabilities.

Highlights of the New Weapons:

We introduce permanent Blood Weapons, permanent Legendary Weapons, and permanent Dragon Weapons.
These new items resemble the old temporary Blood Weapons but are now divided into two specific categories:

Defense: Akamanah, Zariche, and Legendary.
Attack: Antharas, Baium, Valakas, Fafurion, and Lindvior.

Note: Items with usage blocked in Olympiads.

Its important to highlight that all stages of the new weapons are fully playable. From the initial stage, the fragment, to levels 1, 2, and 3. All these levels come equipped with PVP stats, similar to Blood Weapons. Additionally, you have the freedom to add SA (Special Abilities) at any stage of these weapons. However, to advance and raise the level of your weapon, you need to remove the existing SA. After that stage, you can add the SA again.

Amerika Cloaks

New Cloaks

We are pleased to announce that we have raised the level of our cloaks! Although we already had the new cloaks from the latest versions of game, we previously couldnt provide all the associated visual effects. Now, we have overcome this challenge and have fully integrated these cloaks, providing a unique and distinctive design for players. In addition to aesthetics, the cloaks have been enhanced and now offer a 2% reduction in skill reuse time. From now on, you can evolve your cloaks, enjoy new and exclusive visuals, and improve your combat abilities!

Note: Items with usage blocked in Olympiads.

Where to Find the New Weapons and Upgrade Cloaks?

The new weapons and cape upgrades have been integrated into the NPC Alcmena, who can be found in the center of Rune or Gludio. She is responsible for enhancing the special abilities of weapons and is also qualified to assist you with the latest additions.