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Server updates.

Summon Life Cubic is now fixed and working perfectly.

references: tested on L2OFF.

02 August, 2020
Server updates.

Smart cubics were sometimes having trouble activating. The Cubic system has been revised and reorganized, it is now fixed and working perfectly.

29 July, 2020
Server updates.

- Siege's temporary alliances have been fixed.

"At the moment when a siege begins, all the castle gates are closed. The castle and its surrounding territory become a battle zone. An army of defenders appears. You need to defeat them to get into the room with the Holy Artifact. From the moment when the siege starts, the participants are...

28 July, 2020
Server updates.

The PvP zone will have two modes soon, Hard mode (hidden names) and normal mode, until this is done, we will disable hard mode.

We modified the RaidBoss/GrandBoss drop system, everyone who is hitting the boss has a chance to get the drops.

22 July, 2020
Server updates.

The problem with the cubics has been fixed.

15 July, 2020
Server updates.

After many reports of lags our patch has returned to the more stable version.

Masterwork armor status have been restored.

07 July, 2020
Patch updated.

Today our patch has been updated. Use our launcher to get the latest updates.

We fixed problems with lags during equipment change. The interface was improved for game performance. 

Some functions have been added, Auto Attribute equipament, Radio and more... Now you can listen to the radio during the game (System Menu > 2nd...

30 June, 2020
Server updates.

Now, when Baium, Antharas and Valakas wake up, all players will become flagged. Wait for the next restart.

01 June, 2020
Alternative Patch

We are making available an alternative patch, with the same features, however this patch may seem lighter to some players. Then you can download it and test it." rel="external...

01 June, 2020
Anniversary of L2Amerika!

Today L2Amerika celebrate 12 years online! To celebrate, we added new PvP zones and the pvp zone will give 20 fame for each kill.

The NPC Lilith in Goddard have many promotions for you, the promotions will be available until June 5th! Exchange email, nick, clan name, etc... Have reduced prices!

01 June, 2020
Server updates.

Some problems in the PvP zone has been been fixed.

We updated our interface for a new and lighter, to improve the game's performance with the same tools.

We added a new system to filter the chat, please use the game chat correctly, the chat will be filtered and insults can result in banishment.

29 May, 2020

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