Server Status: Online
Players Online: 1723

Server updates.

The PvP zone has hard mode enabled. In this mode, you cannot invite a party or see the names of enemies. Soon we will add the progressive rewards mode, the more players in the PVP zone, the bigger the reward! This will be available soon!

The double drop items and spoil has been activated! Enjoy!

- Fixed small issues in...

26 May, 2020
Unexpected OS update

An unexpected update to our operating system caused a conflict with the server. The problem was resolved quickly.

23 May, 2020
Server updates.

Some customs items have been temporarily disabled from Olympiads, such as Tattoos and VIPs. This will help as a test and basis for an adjustment. This is not definitive.

09 May, 2020
Server updates.

Bot Report Button

The bot report system has been improved. Now you will have 10 points a day to report bots, each report consumes 1 point.

When a player receives 3 reports, he will have to answer a question, otherwise he will go to jail. Repeated bots will have a progressive penalty.


06 May, 2020
Server updates.

The images of captcha antibot have been corrected, the captcha antibot is now active again.

04 May, 2020
Server updates.

Fixed the Insane Crusher skill, it has a 100% chance to cancel 1 buff, every chance can vary according to the resistance, even if it is 100% it can reduce with your resistance. It can also cancel from 1 to 4 buffs with additional cancellation with a 25% rate chance. So Insane Crusher can cancel a maximum of 5 buffs....

30 April, 2020
Server updates.

The following skills were balanced for Olympiads, Hammer Crush, Stun Attack, Armor Crush. The Majesty skill has been blocked for Buff Steal.

29 April, 2020
Server updates.

Some stun skills for Olympiads have been fixed.

We fixed Servitor Barrier, it cannot be stolen with Talisman Buff Steal.

19 April, 2020
Command for delete items.

Quick deletion of items - Ctrl + Alt + Click. This is a quick shortcut, so be careful before using it.

17 April, 2020
Hopzone votes.

HopZone is unstable, sometimes their website is not counting the votes of the servers. This problem is general.

04 April, 2020
New regulations.

To reduce the toxic players in the game chat, we have created a new regulation to combat toxicity and we have made available a zone in the forum for reports. The reports cannot be seen by other users.


01 April, 2020

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