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Players Online: 1396

New regulations.

To reduce the toxic players in the game chat, we have created a new regulation to combat toxicity and we have made available a zone in the forum for reports. The reports cannot be seen by other users.


01 April, 2020
Double Drop Event!

During 24 hours, item and spoil drops will be doubled. Take the time to farm!

29 March, 2020
Server updates.

- We added proxies as connection points in some parts of the world to improve the route for players. You can choose the proxy from the list of servers according to your location.

- We disable the captcha antibot until corrected.

29 March, 2020
Server updates.

After the last Siege and TW we followed the reports from our network and came to the conclusion that we needed to move to a network with greater traffic and better stability. Taking advantage of the moment we bought a more powerful dedicated server with a 10GBPS network.

Today we made the transfer and the lags in Siege and TW will not happen...

18 March, 2020
Server updates.

Siege zones now count PvP Kill.

14 March, 2020
Server updates.

To prevent the use of bots in sieges and also reduce lags, we limited 1 character per PC in the Siege and TW zones.

07 March, 2020
Server updates.

We fixed an issue with the augmentation system.

05 March, 2020
Olympiad updates.

Fixed the issue of players disappearing into the arenas on purpose to tie fights.

01 March, 2020
20% More Gold Amerika's!

In the next 48 hours, you can purchase any Gold Amerika package and receive 20% more Gold Amerika! 

Exemple: Buy Pack 300 Gold Amerikas you will receive 360 Gold Amerikas.

11 February, 2020
Server network.

This afternoon, our network has undergone maintenance and is now stable and the server is online.

10 February, 2020
Server updates.

Fixed a small issue about outposts.

We now have a 10 minute break between calls for the Olympiad battles, which means that players who do not register in time will wait for the next round to register with all other players.

We have also reduced the call time from...

09 February, 2020

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