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TVT Advanced
The TVT Advanced event has been fixed and is now active in the event cycle! The TVT Advanced Event is a variation of the traditional TVT event, but with some significant differences. Instead of having a fixed formation, the event randomly selects VIP members from eac...
16 March, 2023
Orbis Arena Geodata
The "Orbis Arena" had the geodata of the central fountain readjusted, which improved the movement around the obstacle.
14 March, 2023
Neolithic Crystal
Now it is possible to buy Neolithic Crystal with the Merchant of Mammon in Giran. These crystals are essential to enhance weapons in the Dimensional Merchant, which is available in some cities, turning them into MasterWork.
09 March, 2023
"Critical Error" fixed!
We have updated our patch and fixed the "critical error" issue. To update the patch, simply use the launcher. If you see the "hashes mismatch!" message, dont worry and confirm the update. Then, click on "full check" to ensure everything is...
08 March, 2023

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