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Server updates.

Starting tomorrow, the Olympiads will be start twice a day. Starting at 12:00 and 20:00 (UTC -1). The Olympiads are divided into two periods, 4-hour for each periodo/day.

Below is a list of example schedules.

(06:00 - 10:00 and 22:00 - 02:00)

 United States / Canada 
(08:00 - 12:00 and 16:00 -...

05 February, 2023
Server updates.

- Cleaned of useless offline trades.
- Improved cubics, now they are retail like.
- Added Augment Shop (Aden Grocery Store).

01 February, 2023
Server updates.

Server updates.

- Fixed AutoPotions with Barriers.
- 16 New shield skins have been added.
- Change e-mail Promo 40 Gold Amerika.

21 January, 2023
Server updates.

Added quake system for PvP Zone. The system will announce the player who reaches the highest number of kills without dying inside the pvp zone.

18 January, 2023
Server updates.

AutoPotion reworked to avoid lags.

14 January, 2023
Server updates.

- Fixed Baium Wakeup.
- Fixed autofarm flags.
- The reformulation of skill formulas has been completed.

12 January, 2023
Patch updated.

The patch has been updated and is now available for download or automatic update via our launcher.

10 January, 2023
Server updates.

Server updates

- Fixed HP/MP drains. Cannot absorb HP/MP while barrier is active.
- Added new Skins Suit: Ranker Fire and Ranker Dark.

05 January, 2023
Server updates.

Vote rewards have been updated!

- Now when you vote, you will receive 500x Fame, 1x Lucky Box, 1x Loyalty of Amerika - Certificate.

02 January, 2023
Server updates.

- It will not be possible to register for tournaments during a transformation.
- Tournaments will continue after Christmas, the reward has been changed to Medal of Heroes (exchange for fame on NPC Donna).

27 December, 2022
Server updates.

New drops and farming zones have been added.

- Added new drops for Grand Boss (Antharas/Valakas/Baium).
- Added new drops for Monastery 2nd (GCM Chance Low).
- Hellbound farming zone totally reformuled.
- Warpgate added in all hellbound zones, now you can move around hellbound more easily.
- White Uniform Hat added to NPC...

23 December, 2022

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