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11 February, 2020
Server network.

This afternoon, our network has undergone maintenance and is now stable and the server is online.

10 February, 2020
Server updates.

Fixed a small issue about outposts.

We now have a 10 minute break between calls for the Olympiad battles, which means that players who do not register in time will wait for the next round to register with all other players.

We have also reduced the call time from...

09 February, 2020
Client Updated.

We made changes to our Client High Five to improve performance and increase FPS for players. Use our launcher to update your Client.

07 February, 2020
Server updates.

Fixed the AutoPotion MP with Arcane Shield issue. AutoPotion MP will stop when Arcane Shield is activated, when Arcane Shield ends AutoPotion MP will activate again.

07 February, 2020
Weekend Event!

Double Drops have been enabled and Event Rewards have been BOOSTED!

Enjoy the weekend!

24 January, 2020
Server updates.

PvP Rotation Zone
Healers now have a 20 second delay to revive. The change will take effect after the next scheduled restart.

16 January, 2020
Christmas Double Drops!

For two days we will have Double Drop in L2Amerika! Merry Christmas!

24 December, 2019
Server updates.

PvP Rotation Zone
Now the pvp zone completely restores your CP/HP/MP after reviving. And the debuffs are removed.

23 December, 2019
Server updates.

Farming Zones
The farming zones have been updated, so now you can farm with archers too. In Seed of Annihilation you can also farm with mages.

Boss Killer Certificate
Boss Killer - Certificate has been added. You will use this item to buy boss jewelry from the Special...

20 December, 2019
Black Friday!

Enjoy our Black Friday! We added Lilith in Giran, with special prices! Our Black Friday runs until November 29th.

28 November, 2019

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