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Territory War.

We had a problem with the Territory War, so I restarted the server and started the territory war again. For some reason the wards did not return correctly to the base. I will investigate the problem in depth to solve it properly.

14 May, 2022
Server updates.

The autofarm system has been updated, some features have been added.

14 May, 2022
Territory War Event - 14/05/2022.

Territory War Event. Each clan will receive 25 Gold Amerikas for each Ward conquered. For example, if a clan has 2 wards, 50 Gold Amerikas will be sent to the clan leader once the Territory War is ended. The Event will take place in the next Territory War.

11 May, 2022
Server updates.

Territory War PvP rewards have been enabled. Only Territory War participants will be rewarded during the battle. For each Kill the player will receive a Medal of Glory. We also created a protection to prevent any type of cheat to get this reward.

Note: In the next Territory War, the reward system will work differently....

07 May, 2022
Server updates.

Added new drops to Dragon Vortex. Get up to 3 different Dragon Box with special items.

04 May, 2022
Server updates.

Deflect Magic skill formula has been fixed. The correction will be sent on the next server restart.

29 April, 2022
Server updates.

All summons have been boosted for open world PvP. This boost not affect the Olympiads.

28 April, 2022
L2Amerika updates.

Codex Mastery price per PvP Killer - Certificate has been temporarily reduced. Enjoy!

27 April, 2022
L2Amerika updates.

Reflect Damage formula has been reworked. Now, the percentage of reflected damage is reduced as the damage gived to the opponent increases. The more damage you do to your opponent, the less damage you will receive by reflected damage.

Aura Crystal of Titanium is now tradeable.

25 April, 2022
Maintenance performed.

- Cleaned up offline trades in invalid zones and selling useless items with crazy prices.
- Maintenance was also done on the dedicated server to maintain the best performance.
- Rate chance debuff formulas have been revised and formulas improved to better balance.

15 April, 2022
L2Amerika Promo!

Promotion has been launched! Until March 24, any Gold Amerika package will receive an additional 30% bonus!

24 March, 2022

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