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Bring your clan to L2Amerika!

Gather your friends and bring your clan to L2Amerika!

In this special end of year promotion, we will offer you a full level 11 clan with all skills.

This promotion is valid only for new clans with a large number of players.

Please email us with the following information:


10 November, 2019
Black Week L2Amerika!

Enjoy this week to buy Gold Amerikas! All packages with 40% off.

This is the first time L2Amerika is promoting this!

This promotion is valid until October 26th.

19 October, 2019
Queen Ant

Ring of Queen Ant
Queen Ant Jewel drops were 30% chance and now we increased to 100%.

27 September, 2019
Screenshots and YouTube Videos

Post your Media
Now you can post your creative screenshots on our site and you can also upload the youtube link of your videos playing on L2Amerika. Your posts will be automatically posted on our facebook page.

Login with your account on our site and send images or link of your videos through the user control...

25 September, 2019
Rewards and Donations.

Game Email Box
To get the rewards is simple, just open your in-game email box. Now all donation or vote rewards are sent via in-game email in real time.

24 September, 2019
Server updates.

PvP Zone
PvP zone rewards have been increased. You can now get 10 Fame every kill and you can get Codex Mastery by opening the Gift Box. This may not be permanent, so enjoy the moment.

13 September, 2019
Server updates.

New website

We have developed a more beautiful site with more detailed server information. We also improved the donation system and the reward of votes. You now receive game coins via email in real time, no need to restart the character.

Mardil's Fan
We added Mardil's Fan {PvP} to buy with...

09 September, 2019
Server updates.

Blessed Enchants
All Blessed enchants have been added to the shops, except Grade-D.

Giants Codex Mastery
You can now exchange Raid Crystal for Giants Codex Mastery. Remembering that this can be for a limited time.

Medal of Glory
We've added Medal of Glory as a...

07 September, 2019
Server updates.

Hero Weapons
Weapons hero has been improved, now all weapons hero has pvp attribute, and you can add elements.

04 September, 2019
Server updates.

We modified our AutoPotion system, removed it from the interface and added the option to activate the potions on the bar. Because some players were having problems such as lag and disconnections.

Rate Drops
The item and spoil drops rates has been increased to improve equipment for new...

03 September, 2019
Server updates.

The patch has been updated, use our launcher to update the patch automatically.

We have changed the autopotions function, now you just activate the desired potions with CTRL + Click.

01 September, 2019

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