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Server updates.

Summons have been improved for PVE.

- Magnus the Unicorn: PVE damage has been increased.
- Nightshade: PVE damage has been increased.
- Reanimated Man: PVE damage has been...

21 January, 2022
Server updates.

The Dominator and Doomcryer classes have been readjusted for PVE.

- Dominator: PVE magic damage has been increased by 50%.
- Doomcryer: PVE magic damage has been increased by 50%.
- Skill Life Drain PVE Power has been increased.

Hellbound Entrance monsters have had their resistances reduced by...

21 January, 2022
Server updates.

Some adjustments were made with offline trading. Characters in offline trading mode, with illogical prices or scam, will be punished.

Inactive characters are also valid for characters that are in "safe" mode in offline trade, will be kicked.

19 January, 2022
Server updates.

Rabase adena completed!

Don't worry, you haven't lost adena! NPC prices, adena inventory, rate drop adena has been divided by 100x. Adena rate is now 2.5x. But everything is still proportionally equal to 250x.

This update was made to improve server negotiation and avoid bugs with maximum adena limit in inventory. Therefore, its...

16 January, 2022
Server updates.

Rebase Adena

Basically this is adjusting the circulation capacity. This is done to adjust Adena's price without affecting the value of anyone's coin share.

For example, the value in adena in inventory is divided by 100x, the rate is divided by 100x and the price at NPCs is divided by 100x. Therefore, the value of adena remains the...

09 January, 2022
Christmas Promo!

Take advantage of the Christmas NPC promotions!

Promotions are for a limited time and at the beginning of next year the prices of items in Gold Amerikas will be adjusted.

21 December, 2021
Server updates.

L2Amerika updates.

The formula calculation success of skills has been reworked. So there won't be big discrepancies between skill probabilities, making classes more balanced and making all skills useful.

The Spirit of Shillen delay has been reduced. But it's still a little bigger than retail.

17 December, 2021
Christmas Event!

The Christmas events have already started! We will have 1v1 and 2v2 events every day. The events are divided into two moments, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Hours: 16:00 and 21:00 UTC -1.

The monument to register for the event will be in the center of Aden.

17 December, 2021
Server updates.

Some bugs were fixed, kamaloka instances were improved, new pvp zones were added and the reward rate was improved.

Item Craft Merchant of Mammon has been updated and new cloaks added to NPC.

OBS: These updates require you to keep the patch up to date through our launcher.

05 October, 2021
Server updates.

The rotating event zone has been modified.

Now all players will be rewarded equally once the pvp zone reaches a full number of PvPs.

The more players there are in the pvp zone, the faster players will be rewarded with Fame and Gift Box. Remembering that the filters against cheating are activated.

Support skills have...

27 July, 2021
Server updates.

The status of the Zariche and Akamanah weapons has been updated. To see changes keep the patch up to date.

02 July, 2021

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