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L2Amerika 16/11/2020.

Regarding requests sent in the form of a "letter" to the server. I think it is valid, and there are many good suggestions, which have been analyzed and will be implemented on the server. This is not to say that all suggestions will be implemented. 

But the suggestions are always important for the dynamics of the server. We are happy for...

16 November, 2020
Server updates.

- Some issues have been fixed on server engine to prevent bugs and improve server functions.

- Cubic Heal adjusted like L2OFF.

- To prevent bots we blocked DualBox in Grand Boss room (Baium, Valakas, Antharas, Beleth).

- Server prepared to work with two clients, High Five and Grand Crusade. Why? The new client has...

14 November, 2020
Server updates.

The new geoengine has been placed on the server. After many tests, the new geoengine proved to be stable, any problems should be reported here on the forum.

28 September, 2020
Server updates.

After some reports, we block the class change to subclass and class gender, if the character has certification skills.

24 August, 2020
Server updates.

Some geodata bugs from the Olympiads have been fixed, but it is not yet the geoengine update. A few more days and the new geoengine will be ready.

19 August, 2020
Server updates.

We added new Olympiad stadiums, the old stadiums now have a new look and arenas are more cleaner, without useless obstacles to avoid geodata bugs. Update your patch to see new Olympiad stadiums.

Our geoengine has been updated, however, this is in testing phase, if new geoengine have any problem, please report it and we will try to fix soon...

05 August, 2020
Server updates.

Summon Life Cubic is now fixed and working perfectly.

references: tested on L2OFF.

02 August, 2020
Server updates.

Smart cubics were sometimes having trouble activating. The Cubic system has been revised and reorganized, it is now fixed and working perfectly.

29 July, 2020
Server updates.

- Siege's temporary alliances have been fixed.

"At the moment when a siege begins, all the castle gates are closed. The castle and its surrounding territory become a battle zone. An army of defenders appears. You need to defeat them to get into the room with the Holy Artifact. From the moment when the siege starts, the participants are...

28 July, 2020
Server updates.

The PvP zone will have two modes soon, Hard mode (hidden names) and normal mode, until this is done, we will disable hard mode.

We modified the RaidBoss/GrandBoss drop system, everyone who is hitting the boss has a chance to get the drops.

22 July, 2020
Server updates.

The problem with the cubics has been fixed.

15 July, 2020

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