Server Status: Online
Players Online: 1580

Server updates.

Updated patch, fixed visual of augment weapons.

18 June, 2021
L2Amerika Birthday Week!

L2Amerika Birthday Week! This week we celebrate 13 Years Online!

To celebrate we will be doing some promotions and the launch of new farming areas!

Attention! keep your patch up to date!

01 June, 2021
Server updates.

In order to prevent bots in Olympiads, the bind system in Olympiads will be activated tomorrow.

17 April, 2021
Server Maintenance

We went through an unexpected maintenance on the dedicated server.

The bug with the cancel return was fixed, this was causing problems with some buffs.

05 March, 2021
Server Maintenance

Maintenance completed, the server will be online in 5 minutes.

There was no change on the server, we just performed maintenance on the dedicated server.

23 January, 2021
L2Amerika Telegram Channel

Access our channel on Telegram. Receive news, events, updates and special promotions." rel="external nofollow">

20 January, 2021
New Year Promo

For 48 hours buy any Gold Amerika package, and you will receive an additional 20% bonus.

31 December, 2020
Server updates.

Our patch has been updated, some improvements are being applied and the server will be receiving multiclient mode soon.

16 December, 2020
L2Amerika 16/11/2020.

Regarding requests sent in the form of a "letter" to the server. I think it is valid, and there are many good suggestions, which have been analyzed and will be implemented on the server. This is not to say that all suggestions will be implemented. 

But the suggestions are always important for the dynamics of the server. We are happy for...

16 November, 2020
Server updates.

- Some issues have been fixed on server engine to prevent bugs and improve server functions.

- Cubic Heal adjusted like L2OFF.

- To prevent bots we blocked DualBox in Grand Boss room (Baium, Valakas, Antharas, Beleth).

- Server prepared to work with two clients, High Five and Grand Crusade. Why? The new client has...

14 November, 2020
Server updates.

The new geoengine has been placed on the server. After many tests, the new geoengine proved to be stable, any problems should be reported here on the forum.

28 September, 2020

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