Server Status: Online
Players Online: 1489


The server is completely free, emulated on an L2Java basis. Our emulation program provides a perfect game environment. As this is a PvP server, some changes have been made to ensure player satisfaction.

Server Details Rates
Experience (XP)
Skill Points (SP)
Rate Drop Adena
Rate Drop Items
Rate Drop Spoil
Rate Drop Boss
Scroll Enchant Rate
Scroll Blessed Enchant Rate
Scroll Enchant of Destruction (Not break)
Scroll Divine Enchant Rate
Safe Enchant
Maximum Enchant
Elemental Maximum Level
Level 7
Elemental Stone Chance
Elemental Crystal Chance
Buff Time (Include Song/Dance)
2 hours
Maximum Buff Amount
Maximum Song/Dance Amount

Anti-Bot System (Captcha and ScriptGuard)
Auto Potions (CTRL + Click)
Trade Offline Shop
Custom Interface (PTS)
Damage Screen (PTS)
Cancel Return Buffs (Open World)
Olympiad Anti-Feed
Automatic Enchant Items
Automatic Enchant Skills
Automatic Augment Weapons

Farming Zone Drops
Antharas Lair Entrace
Adena, Elemental Stones, Blessed Enchants.

Drop Spoil: Blessed Enchants.

Elaborated by L2Amerika

Monastery of Silence 2nd
Adena, Elemental Stones, Blessed Enchants, Giants Codex.

Drop Spoil: Blessed Enchants, Giants Codex.

Elaborated by L2Amerika

Seed of Annihilation
Adena, Elemental Stones, Life Stones, Blessed Enchants, Giants Codex Mastery.

Drop Spoil: Blessed Enchants, Giants Codex Mastery.

Elaborated by L2Amerika

Antharas Lair Inside
Adena, Elemental Stones, Life Stones, Blessed Enchants, Giants Codex Mastery.

Drop Spoil: Top-Grade Life Stones, Blessed Enchants, Giants Codex Mastery.

Elaborated by L2Amerika

Automatic Events

We have several automatic server events that happen daily every hour. All events have great rewards for players to have fun and be well rewarded in case of victory.

Events: Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Mass Domination, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, TvT Advanced, Single Players Fight, Party Fights, Korean Style, Mini TvT.

Inactive Accounts

To maintain good server performance. Inactive accounts for more than three months are automatically deleted from our database. This is because data accumulation can cause lags, and we need to prioritize active players and ensure optimal performance.

Server Backups

Every day, our system automatically backs up, backups are automatically transferred to cloud storage and hard drives.

Resources and Fundamentals

Our administrators try to keep the server as fair and balanced as possible. With all that we are against any change of skills and classes, to preserve the most of the original game, however, we have added some necessary methods for a PvP server. Preserve much to stay and satisfaction of our players on the server.


You can use our forum to answer your questions and also report bugs, bugs, suggestions, etc ... Make good use of our forum, read the rules.

Voting Reward

You can vote on our server and get rewarded! You can vote for Top200, HopZone and every 12 hours and get a voting currency where you can exchange it for special items and gain access to special areas. Remember above all, your vote is always very important for proper population development and server popularity.


All donations are to maintain the optimal server structure. The rewards available to donors are the same as any player can receive without donating. Our server has no intention of benefiting donors with unusual advantages, this is totally contrary to our server's ethical principles.


Our server is hosted in one of the best data centers in the world in Canada. We have a very high server configuration because we have high expectations regarding the number of players.

Server Opening

The server was officially opened on 01/06/2008.