TikTok Event
To celebrate the launch of this new feature, we are rolling out this special event that will end on October 21, 2023. All videos posted until the 21st will automatically participat...
16 October, 2023
Now You Can Post TikTok Videos!
We are pleased to announce a new feature that allows you to post TikTok videos on our site. Simply copy the video link and publish it the same way you already do with YouTube conte...
15 October, 2023
Server updates
- Fixes have been applied to various geodata points in castles. - During Sieges and Territory War battles, registration for events or fortresses will be unavailable, including tou...
14 October, 2023
Server Maintenance
We performed a server reboot due to emergency maintenance on the dedicated server. The server is now back up and running smoothly.
13 October, 2023
Dragons Ascent Update
The Dragons Ascent update is set to launch on October 27, 2023, and will bring a host of exciting new features and challenges. Today, we released the teaser video for this update....
10 October, 2023
Server updates
We conducted maintenance on the server to improve its performance. Additionally, the anticheat system was updated to the latest version. These changes are intended to provide a mor...
23 September, 2023
Server updates
During Olympiad battles, the simultaneous use of the Flame Icon and Angelic Icon will no longer be permitted, as this combination causes excessively high critical damage. Now, one...
10 September, 2023