Server updates
The legendary Epic Boss Lindvior has undergone a significant update: the screen shaking feature has been removed. Now, access to boss Lindvior will be blocked once its health...
17 November, 2023
Golden Conquest of TerritoryWar!
🗓 Date: Sunday, October 12th 🔥 Reward: Gold Amerikas 🔥 🛡 Whats at stake? For each flag captured at the end of TerritoryWar, the lord of the castle will be rewarde...
11 November, 2023
Instructions for the Lindvior Event
The much-anticipated Lindvior event has finally arrived! Check out the following video for all the necessary instructions to participate:
05 November, 2023
Server updates
The Garden of Genesis zone for PvP and Farming has undergone adjustments to the MOBs and a significant improvement in drops. The penalty system for PK (Player Killing) against p...
04 November, 2023
Grand Boss Battles
Starting now, during Grand Boss battles, players will automatically enter flag mode when the boss HP reaches 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, and 10%.
03 November, 2023
Epic Showdown: The Awakening of Lindvior
This weekend marks the awaited arrival of the special event with the epic Dragon Lindvior, an encounter that promises a bounty of rewards and heart-pounding PvP battles. Clashes wi...
03 November, 2023
Data Center Incident
We are pleased to announce that our website and launcher are now back to normal. The company responsible for the data center has completed the necessary repairs, allowing for the f...
01 November, 2023