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Classes Improvements
The Sword Muse and Spectral Dancer classes have received a new route of "enchant skill" in their "Reinforcement Skills", called "Self Power". This enc...
21 February, 2023
We have updated our Launcher!
Now, when you use the "Full Check" option, your personalized game settings will remain intact. You can safely open the game through the Launcher, knowing that your person...
18 February, 2023
Server Maintenance
We would like to inform you that our anticheat has been updated to the latest version, with the aim of ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment for all players. Additionally, du...
18 February, 2023
L2Amerika Discord
Two new roles have been created on Discord for clan leaders and streamers. Request your role with an admin. Please note that the roles will only be available for leaders who are tr...
17 February, 2023
Tournaments and Rankings Updates
Now in "Weekly Rankings" you can see the Top 10 players of the week and the Top 10 total ranking. Precise information of the tournaments will be added to the site to...
10 February, 2023
Server updates
The offline traders have been cleaned up, and we have activated the periodic automatic cleaning system. The cubics have been improved and now work like retail. We have...
01 February, 2023
L2Amerika Forum
Soon, our forum will be completely deactivated. We are now using only Discord as a platform for faster interaction with the server and administrators. Most players have been using...
25 January, 2023