Server updates
March 29, 2024

An artificial intelligence-based chat moderation system has been implemented on the server. This technology is designed to significantly reduce the level of toxicity in conversations, thanks to its contextual analysis capability. Currently, the system is in the testing phase on the server.

Initially, the system will undergo a testing period for a few days. During this phase, it will not impose penalties but will identify and block toxic messages.

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Server updates
✅ Rebalanced Skills: Adjustments have been made to balance the effectiveness of skills such as Weapon Blocked, Disarm, Mass Disarm, and Death Mark, which were underperforming...
07 June, 2024
Server updates
Tournaments: Now, each player can participate in up to 30 battles per day. Class Adjustments: The Soultaker and SoulHound classes have had their debuff proficiency improved to...
26 May, 2024
Server updates
The item "Loyalt of Amerika - Certificate" has been added to the voting reward Lucky Box, with a 50% chance of being obtained.
30 April, 2024
Server updates
Starting tomorrow, the "Skin of Defense" skill from Visual Quest will also be effective for subclasses. Whenever you add a new subclass or switch your base class to your...
27 April, 2024

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