Server updates
November 28, 2023

Now it is possible to drop the Crystal Fragment item on the ground to complete the Baylor quest.

An enhancement has been made to the Block Potion Animation function in the .ccp panel. Previously, this function only disabled animations from third parties, and now it completely disables potion animations.

A correction has also been made to the captcha to ensure it does not disrupt players in autofarm mode.

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Server updates
The new feature to limit secondary animations has been successfully implemented. The "Block Second Animations" option has been introduced, suppressing animations from thi...
18 February, 2024
Server updates
From now on, the Party Farming event will be limited to one character per computer. This change is intended to address the issue of overcrowding by players using multiple character...
10 February, 2024
Server updates
The special cloaks of level 1, level 2, and level 3 have received updates in their statistics. These changes will take effect after the next server restart.
28 January, 2024
Server updates
Improvements have been implemented in the AutoFarm system. The exploitation of the AutoFarm system during PVP to avoid the Flag status has been corrected.
22 January, 2024

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