Server updates
November 17, 2023

The legendary Epic Boss Lindvior has undergone a significant update: the screen shaking feature has been removed. Now, access to boss Lindvior will be blocked once its health reaches 25%, and the use of dualbox is prohibited at the Lindvior altar.

The autofarm system has also been improved, minimizing interruptions during farming under certain circumstances. Furthermore, more improvements to this system are planned in the coming days.

In the last siege, the resurrection system during castle battles followed the standard official mode. Now, this system has been modified to allow registered clans to resurrect during these battles.

Finally, the respawn time for monsters in the Pagans Temple area has been halved.

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Server updates
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03 December, 2023
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28 November, 2023
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23 November, 2023
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19 November, 2023

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