Golden Conquest of TerritoryWar!
November 11, 2023

🗓 Date: Sunday, October 12th

🔥 Reward: Gold Amerikas 🔥

🛡 Whats at stake? For each flag captured at the end of TerritoryWar, the lord of the castle will be rewarded!

💰 How does it work?

  • Capture 1 Ward and receive 50 Gold Amerikas!
  • Capture 2 Wards and receive 100 Gold Amerikas!
  • Capture 3 Wards and multiply your reward to 150 Gold Amerikas!

📢 Important Note: The rewards will be delivered on Sunday, after the siege.

🎉 Dont miss this unique opportunity to enrich your kingdom! 🎉

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The item "Loyalt of Amerika - Certificate" has been added to the voting reward Lucky Box, with a 50% chance of being obtained.
30 April, 2024
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Starting tomorrow, the "Skin of Defense" skill from Visual Quest will also be effective for subclasses. Whenever you add a new subclass or switch your base class to your...
27 April, 2024

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