Server updates
April 12, 2023

Improvements have been made to the mobs Artificial Intelligence. Now, if a player attacks a mob and tries to take it away from its respawn point, the mob will get angry and return to its original location. In addition, dialogues have been added to the mobs.

A correction was also made to the Valakas zone regarding dualbox verification, which had faults in higher regions.

Some players were confused about the failures of their skills and potions during the fight against Antharas. This is due to the Antharas Fossilization effect, which is cast on players. However, this effect was not being displayed, so we decided to temporarily disable it to avoid confusion.

The mobs in the Seed of Annihilation zone were causing many stun and silence effects on players who were farming. To improve gameplay, the mobs have been adjusted.

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Server updates
PVP ZONE REWARD 🏹🛡️ For every kill, gain 10 FAME. 🌟 ** 5-10 players inside the PVP zone ** 🖐️ For every kill, gain 10 FAME. 🌟 For every kill, 1 PVP...
03 December, 2023
Server updates
Now it is possible to drop the Crystal Fragment item on the ground to complete the Baylor quest. An enhancement has been made to the Block Potion Animation function in the .ccp...
28 November, 2023
Server updates
We have implemented new options in the player settings panel to disable animations for Trigger Skills, Debuff Skills, and Potions. To customize your preferences, use the .ccp comma...
23 November, 2023
Reminder: Epic confrontation with Lindvior!
This weekend marks the triumphant return of the Lindvior Dragon! Get ready for an epic showdown filled with challenges, rewards, and thrilling PvP battles. Seize this unique opport...
19 November, 2023

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