Server updates
April 03, 2024

Now is possible to view the targets debuff: just go to the interface settings and activate the "Target Debuffs" option.

The display of the talisman slot bar has been fixed: 6-slot talismans are now correctly displayed when activated.

We have implemented improvements focused on increasing FPS during large-scale battles, aiming to avoid freezes.

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Server updates
The item "Loyalt of Amerika - Certificate" has been added to the voting reward Lucky Box, with a 50% chance of being obtained.
30 April, 2024
Server updates
Starting tomorrow, the "Skin of Defense" skill from Visual Quest will also be effective for subclasses. Whenever you add a new subclass or switch your base class to your...
27 April, 2024
Server updates
The tournaments have been updated. Previously, fights were constantly organized; now, groups of at least six players will be formed. This means that whenever it is possible to orga...
18 April, 2024
Server updates
The new Anti-Afk system has been implemented to enhance the experience during events. If a player remains inactive (afk) during an event, they will be subjected to a penalty, being...
11 April, 2024

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