Server updates
July 09, 2024

A class change option has been added to the NPC Miss Queen in Giran. Now you can change your base class to any other class. However, enchanted skills will not be retained, and subclasses will be removed.

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Server updates
Characters who remain dead for more than 5 minutes in the boss zone will be automatically returned to the town center. Players who intentionally log out during a boss fight to...
08 July, 2024
Scheduled restart completed
The server has been restarted, and the fix for the target debuff alert has been successfully applied.
23 June, 2024
Scheduled Restart Warning
In 30 minutes, the server will be restarted to apply the fix for the target debuff alert.
23 June, 2024
Server updates
With the next server restart, we will have changes in the PvP zones! The areas Parnassus and Hidden Oasis will be removed from our rotating PvP zone list. In their place, we wil...
13 June, 2024

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