"Critical Error" fixed!
March 08, 2023

We have updated our patch and fixed the "critical error" issue. To update the patch, simply use the launcher. If you see the "hashes mismatch!" message, dont worry and confirm the update. Then, click on "full check" to ensure everything is in order.

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Server updates
The new Anti-Afk system has been implemented to enhance the experience during events. If a player remains inactive (afk) during an event, they will be subjected to a penalty, being...
11 April, 2024
Server updates
The abilities Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread have had their success rates updated! As heroic abilities with long cooldown times, their chances are now adjusted to match...
09 April, 2024
Server updates
Now is possible to view the targets debuff: just go to the interface settings and activate the "Target Debuffs" option. The display of the talisman slot bar has been f...
03 April, 2024
Server updates
An artificial intelligence-based chat moderation system has been implemented on the server. This technology is designed to significantly reduce the level of toxicity in conversatio...
29 March, 2024

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